Since 2009, we have carried out over 400 advertising campaigns for domestic and foreign customers.

Among our clients:

  • Ophthalmology center
    6 years
    with us!

    Ongoing decrease in the lead price over 6 years

  • Travel company
    11 years
    with us!
  • European watch company
    10 years
    with us!
  • Travel search system
    6 years
    with us!

    Through A/B testing, in 4 months we managed to bring advertising traffic to the profitability level set by the customer.

  • Car tuning online store
    9 years
    with us!

    The growing efficiency of campaigns allowed 6 times’ increase in the advertising budget within 9 years

  • Production of croutons

    Production of croutons from natural ingredients

  • Ukrainian watch company
    11 years
    with us!
  • Elite leather goods online store
    1.5 years
    with us!

Results of our clients

  • +30%

    + 30% conversions  compared to the previous ad agency.

  • 10+ years

    For more 10 years, we have been attracting cheap leads for a customer with luxury goods. Geography — Western Europe.

  • ROI

    We conduct highly profitable traffic from advertising in Google to the largest travel resource in the country.

  • +50%

    +50% conversions with a 19% decrease in order value in 2019.

  • -32%

    We reduced the price of an application for a service worth more than 800 conventional units by 32% through advertising on Facebook

  • ÷3.9

    Reduced the cost of an application on the website by 3.9 times

  • +50%

    Increased the number of leads by 50% and reduced their cost.

  • ÷2

    In the first 4 months, we managed to reduce the conversion cost by 2 times.

  • ×2

    Increased sales 2 times through A/B testing.

Web marketing

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