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Contextual Advertising on Google

It is hard to imagine running a successful business without internet marketing. Therefore, everyone engaged in commercial activities is trying to promote online. It is not surprising that the level of competition is growing rapidly in this field, while consumers are becoming more demanding. As a result, the need to competently advertise a product while favorably standing out against competitors arises.

A proven way to quickly profit from online sales is setting up contextual advertising. This way of promoting your business allows you to:

  • attract people to your website who are already interested in your product or service;
  • achieve the results you want depending on your goals — target audience coverage, traffic to the website, conversions;
  • get into the TOP of the search results page for new websites that do not yet have indicators high enough for organic search promotion.

Despite all its advantages, contextual advertising also has several shortcomings: time-consuming process of creating a competent account structure, the need for deep specialized knowledge, obligatory expertise in web analytics to optimize campaigns, the need for regular monitoring of campaign effectiveness.

That’s why it is so important to outsource advertising to professionals!

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Advantages of ordering contextual advertising from “Web-Marketing” Agency

Figures and facts speak well for the quality of our services:

  • Customers do not leave us. Many of them have been cooperating with the agency since 2009!
  • We have been operating in the market for over 12 years, we have come across various business models, niches and markets, so we know the specifics of promoting almost all types of products.
  • Growth of conversions and ROI. The main criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns for us is the amount of income that the customer receives from advertising. 
The cost of setting up contextual advertising includes:
  • Promotion strategy
  • Setup of advertising account
  • Setup of Google Analytics
  • Setup of goals (conversions)
  • Setup of campaigns on Search system
  • Setup of campaigns on Google Display Network
  • Setup of remarketing
  • A/B testing in advertising accounts
Price for setting up contextual advertising:

From 489€, one-time.

Launch date -
from 5 business days

As part of Google Contextual Advertising service, we promote customer projects with several types of campaigns. Most often, this includes the following:

  • advertising in Search system — involves displaying ads at the top of the search system results page. Search campaigns generate the most targeted traffic.
  • on the Google Display Network. Display of advertising banners/texts/videos on thematic websites.

Other tools are also actively used to successfully launch advertising on the Internet. For example, buying YouTube impressions, dynamic remarketing, Google Shopping.

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Results of our clients

  • +30%

    + 30% conversions  compared to the previous ad agency.

  • 10+ years

    For more 10 years, we have been attracting cheap leads for a customer with luxury goods. Geography — Western Europe.

  • ROI

    We conduct highly profitable traffic from advertising in Google to the largest travel resource in the country.

  • +50%

    +50% conversions with a 19% decrease in order value in 2019.

  • -32%

    We reduced the price of an application for a service worth more than 800 conventional units by 32% through advertising on Facebook

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