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Contextual advertising in Google search system

Search advertising is a powerful way to attract customers to your website who are already actively looking for the products or services you offer.

Let’s see how this technology works. For example, a user is about to buy a TV. But before buying, he/she wants to compare different models, as well as prices from different sellers. To do this, he/she turns to a search system and enters the search query “buy LCD TV”. Sites selling LCD TVs appear in the search results. The first 3–4 positions at the top and bottom of the page are occupied by advertisements.

What do you think is the probability that our potential buyer will click on the ads if they are at the top? We believe the answer is obvious, because, according to statistics, 90% of people open the sites presented on the first page of the search system and only 10% go to the 2nd page and further.



Advertising on ‘Ads’ — features

Contextual advertising on Google is one of the few ways to promote a website that quickly pays off and brings results. But this only happens with a professional approach. Often, representatives of small and medium businesses want to save money on high-quality specialists and try to set up advertising on their own or turn for help to inexpensive newcomers in contextual advertising. The results of these works in 99% of cases are deplorable. Money goes away, and investment doesn’t pay off. As a result, here comes an opinion that contextual advertising doesn’t work.

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Features of search advertising

Pros of advertising in Search system:

  • if the settings are correct, impressions go to the maximum “hot” audience;
  • getting into the TOP of organic search results page is tremendously difficult, but advertising gives us such an opportunity, or rather raises the website (offer) above organic.

Cons of advertising in Search system:

  • high competition

There can be many advertisers in one topic, so there is a struggle for ad space. Google ‘AdWords’ robot checks all ads with similar keywords and generates a rating for showing them.

To win an auction and get into the TOP, you need to consider many factors: the relevance of keywords, the quality of setting up an advertising account, the content of the landing page.

Only experienced specialists can provide an effective advertising campaign.

What is included in setting up contextual advertising in Search system:
  • analysis of the customer’s business, subject matter, competition, market; 
  • study of the target audience and its requests; 
  • selection of relevant keywords; 
  • drafting attention-grabbing ads that reflect the needs of potential customers; 
  • definition of geographic (region), time, (days, hours) and demographic (gender, age, status, interests) settings for advertising displays; 
  • A/B testing of ads and campaign settings to gradually reduce the cost per click; 
  • recommendations for improving the landing page.

Attention! Setup of Search campaigns is included in the Contextual advertising service and includes a set of tools: Search + Google Display Network + Remarketing.

Price for setting up Search advertising:

from 489€/one-time

Launch date -
from 5 business days

Our team has extensive experience (over 12 years), so we provide only high-quality services for contextual advertising. PPC specialists constantly monitor the results and promptly correct the necessary positions.

‘Ads’ provides comprehensive analytics for tracking the number of impressions, clicks, competitor activity, and behavioral factors of visitors. This allows you to generate detailed reporting and develop new, more effective ways for advertising strategy development.

We are focused on working for result that can be measured in money, so you can be sure that advertising campaigns for your website will pay off and bring you a substantial profit.

Треугольники Треугольники Треугольники

Results of our clients

  • +30%

    + 30% conversions  compared to the previous ad agency.

  • 10+ years

    For more 10 years, we have been attracting cheap leads for a customer with luxury goods. Geography — Western Europe.

  • ROI

    We conduct highly profitable traffic from advertising in Google to the largest travel resource in the country.

  • +50%

    +50% conversions with a 19% decrease in order value in 2019.

  • -32%

    We reduced the price of an application for a service worth more than 800 conventional units by 32% through advertising on Facebook

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