The cost of contextual or targeted advertising services is determined by the advertising strategy and structure of the advertising campaign. Calculated individually for a specific project.
The minimum cost of services is 500€/month

Advertising budget. the campaign is determined in advance or calculated based on the set goals and KPIs of the project.
The minimum budget is 1000€/month

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Service Prices

  • Contextual advertising
    • Advertising on Google/Yandex/Bing (Search + Google Display Network + Remarketing):

      • Setup
      from 589€
      • Management, optimization
      from 439€/month
    • Advertising on Google Shopping:

      • Setup
      from 499€
      • Management, optimization
      from 339€
    • Advertising for mobile applications:

      • Setup
      from 439€
    • YouTube advertising:

      • Setup
      from 499€
  • Targeted advertising
    • Advertising on Facebook/ Instagram (targeting + remarketing):

      • Setup
      from 399€
      • Management, optimization
      from 289€/month
    • Advertising on LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat:

      • Setup
      to be discussed individually
  • Other services
    • O
    • Audit of advertising account and analytics
      from 400€
    • A/B experiments on the website
      from 249€ (payment subject to positive result)
    • Analysis of competitors’ contextual advertising
      from 249€
    • Analysis of website usability
      from 449€
    • Google My Business design and optimization recommendations
      from 12
    • Writing of selling texts
      19€/1000 characters
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The price of setting up contextual advertising includes:

    • Study of business-specific features
    • Basic audit of website usability
    • Basic analysis of competitors
    • Target audience study and segmentation
    • Installation of analytics codes (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Yandex Metrika)
    • Connection of additional tools (call tracking, online chats, analytics)
    • Setup of conversion tracking (sales/requests/calls)
    • Attribution model selection
      • Advertising strategy development


    • Coordination of strategy, texts, advertising materials with the customer (if necessary)
    • Launch of campaigns


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Advertising optimization services include:

  • 01
    • Control of advertising campaigns
    • Outcome analysis
    • Adjustment of advertising campaigns based on analysis data
    • Budget re-allocation between channels and campaigns
  • 02
    • Construction of hypotheses to find growth zones
    • A/B testing in advertising accounts
    • Amendments to the advertising strategy based on test results
    • Solution of technical problems with accounts
  • 03
    • Detailed reporting (interim, monthly)
    • Forecasting based on demand dynamics and business seasonality
    • Recommendations for connecting additional services and tools
    • Recommendations for improving website conversion
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Frequently Asked Questions

“When ordering advertising from us, you can be sure that your money will be used as efficiently as possible and your investments will definitely pay off.”


“When ordering advertising from us, you can be sure that your money will be used as efficiently as possible and your investments will definitely pay off.”

Valerii Vyshnevskyi
Founder and Director of “Web-Marketing” Agency
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