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Setup of Google Shopping

A product ad implies presentation of the product on the search results page, which includes a photo of the product, its name, cost, and the name of the store.

Who is this option suitable for?

Google Shopping campaigns are by far one of the most effective types of advertising on the Internet for retail trade. If you sell something online, regardless of the number of products, then we recommend that you definitely include this type of advertising in your promotion strategy.

What does it look like?

Product ads appear in response to a user’s request in the search bar, while they can be located:

  • above all search results at the top (including paid text ads);
  • in the upper right corner of the page.



What does it take to launch a product advertising?

Shopping campaigns are created through a special service — Google Merchant Center. First, you need to go through the registration procedure on the platform (declare ownership of the website, bring the website in compliance with all the Merchant Center rules, etc.).

You also need to create a product feed (a document that contains all information about products from your website). There are several ways to create a product feed.

You should not be afraid of technical difficulties, because we undertake the work on registration of the Google Merchant Center account, as well as writing the terms of reference for your programmer to create the feed.

Preparing a Google Shopping campaign step by step: 

1. Checking the website for compliance with the requirements for creating product campaigns.

2. Preparing the feed:

  • development of terms of reference for the programmer to create a feed;
  • test feed upload to the Merchant Center;
  • if necessary, the development of a task for programmers to correct errors in the feed;
  • final loading of the feed.

3. Creating an account in Google Merchant Center

  • registration in Google Merchant Center;
  • website rights confirmation;
  • account setup.

4. Creating a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads:

  • linking your Google Ads account and Google Merchant Center;
  • development of the campaign structure in Google Ads;
  • campaign launch.

5. Further work:

  • optimization;
  • feed elements testing.
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Benefits of Google Shopping Campaign:
  • The cost of attracting a customer in shopping campaigns is about 20-40% lower. These figures have been confirmed empirically. In all shopping campaigns that were set up by our agency, the cost of conversion dropped significantly, in some cases by 1.5–2 times.
  • An ad grabs a user’s attention. There is an opportunity to immediately see the product photo, determine whether it is suitable or not, and this, in turn, reduces the number of “empty” clicks when a person visits to view product photos.
  • Process automation. After registering and setting up the Merchant Center, creating a correctly designed feed, data on goods, their availability/absence, prices will be updated automatically. It is convenient and allows you to concentrate only on optimizing your campaigns.
  • Competition is relatively low, because not all advertisers use this function.
Google Shopping Advertising Cost:
  • Setup — from 399€, one-time


  • Management, optimization — from 239€/month
Launch date -
from 5 business days
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Results of our clients

  • +30%

    + 30% conversions  compared to the previous ad agency.

  • 10+ years

    For more 10 years, we have been attracting cheap leads for a customer with luxury goods. Geography — Western Europe.

  • ROI

    We conduct highly profitable traffic from advertising in Google to the largest travel resource in the country.

  • +50%

    +50% conversions with a 19% decrease in order value in 2019.

  • -32%

    We reduced the price of an application for a service worth more than 800 conventional units by 32% through advertising on Facebook

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