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Remarketing and retargeting on Google

According to the statistics, an average person goes through 5 to 40 touch points with a brand before making a purchase. Just think about it! This means that the path to purchase does not look like we want it to, that is “website visit — purchase”. It is a chain of many interactions with a brand (viewing advertisements, visiting a website, opening e-mails, viewing posts in social media, etc.). A huge contribution to the user-to-customer conversion chain is made by such type of advertising as remarketing.

Remarketing is an internet marketing technology that aims to reach an audience that has already been on a website.

How to properly set up remarketing/retargeting

When working with remarketing, it must be carried out in a competent manner, carefully thought out and strategically planned. Audience segmentation should not be neglected. It is far more effective to show different ads to people who have behaved differently on the website, for example:

  • people who visited specific sections of goods;
  • people who attended promotional offers;
  • people who added a product into the cart.

Thus, you can display personalized text or image ads on the web to the visitors of your website, remind them of forgotten items in the cart or return them to the website and stimulate the conversion.

Marketing specialists use a variety of filter sets to create narrow audience segments: by the amount of time spent, by traffic source/channel, by keywords in Search campaigns, by visited URLs, etc.

Dynamic advertising on ‘AdWords’

Special attention should be paid to dynamic remarketing — a type of ad display when an ad contains exactly those goods/services (content) that a person viewed on the website, or as similar as possible to them. Dynamic remarketing is available in:

  • Google and Yandex search systems;
  • social media (Facebook, Instagram, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Despite the large number of advantages of this promotion method, it has a significant drawback — complexity of setup process.

By ordering this service from us, you will receive effective advertising on Google ‘AdWords’ in compliance with the terms of reference and interests of the target audience.

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There are several types of remarketing available on Google ‘AdWords’ (Google Ads):
  • remarketing on Google Display Network — for users who left the website without a desired action;
  • search remarketing — adjustment of rates for the website visitors
  • Customer Match — advertising based on email lists;
  • dynamic (product) remarketing — demonstration to the users of those goods and services that they viewed on the website.
Advantages of ordering services from our agency:
  • We set up advertising for business purposes (receiving calls, applications, purchases through the website)
  • We work for result measured in money
  • We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve campaign effectiveness
  • We provide all access to the customer
  • We prepare clear and detailed reporting
  • We are always in touch
Setup price
  • free (when ordering contextual advertising)
Launch date -
from 2 business days
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Results of our clients

  • +30%

    + 30% conversions  compared to the previous ad agency.

  • 10+ years

    For more 10 years, we have been attracting cheap leads for a customer with luxury goods. Geography — Western Europe.

  • ROI

    We conduct highly profitable traffic from advertising in Google to the largest travel resource in the country.

  • +50%

    +50% conversions with a 19% decrease in order value in 2019.

  • -32%

    We reduced the price of an application for a service worth more than 800 conventional units by 32% through advertising on Facebook

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