42% lower conversion price with a new landing. Medical topics

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We are talking about contextual advertising in medical topics. Also about the important role the landing page in getting the result, regardless of the topic, and how to reduce the cost of conversion (lead).

It is often difficult for business representatives to objectively assess how selling and user-friendly their website is. And it's not just about knowledge in the field of advertising or usability, although this is certainly very important. It is difficult for businesses to look at their website through the eyes of a client. When you are immersed in one topic, many things seem simple and even elementary. Therefore, you need to look at your site not as a professional, but as an ordinary user who wants to get answers to basic questions before calling or placing an order.

Before starting cooperation, we usually give basic recommendations and comments on the site (and most often they are). This service is free for existing clients, because without a selling site, you will not be able to get the maximum result from any advertising.

But in this case, we will show what experiment we conducted with landing pages in a project with which we have been working successfully for a long time. And also how much it was possible to reduce the cost of conversion (lead) for the client.

The task was to test a new page, which was designed in the Landing Page format for conversion (performing targeted actions on the site) in one of the directions, which was quite different in style and content from the current page and the site as a whole. That is, the main page that was advertised is on a multi-page site in the classic form, the experimental (test) page is in the form of a Landing Page.

Topic - Medicine

Geography - Kiev

Tools - Google Ads

The first thing to do in such a situation is to assess the quality of the tested landing. As a result of the analysis, we provided the client with a number of recommendations. For some reason, it was not possible to implement all the changes at once. We set up the experiment, and the changes were made by the client in stages over the course of six months. Thus, the testing lasted for 8 months.

Throughout the autumn and winter, the pages went head to head. Let us remind you that at that time all the recommendations had not yet been finally applied.


But in the first 2 months of spring, after making all the changes to the test landing, a clear winner emerged.


The screenshot shows that we managed to reduce the cost of conversion from UAH 1,452 to UAH 604, that is, the cost of a conversion from a test campaign is 58% lower than the original one. The goal was achieved. Now you can scale the result in all directions.

It's been 2 months since we used the new landing page 100% for our search campaign. Conversions can be obtained at a cost 42% cheaper than for the entire testing period.


Thus, we will be able to attract many more applications for the allocated advertising budget by changing only the landing page. Look at your site through the eyes of a client! And remember, testing is always a new opportunity, don't miss them.

P.S. Some business data has been hidden for confidentiality reasons.


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