B2B Case: -60% of the Lead cost for 30 days!

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The choice of an effective promotion channel is one of the main points of the company's marketing strategy.

For one of our clients, we use a fairly popular combination i.e., advertising in Google Ads and Facebook. But the unique nature of this case is that our client’s product (CRM for travel agencies – “My Tourists”, B2B segment) is designed for a fairly narrow audience.

Now both promotion channels are working successfully, but at the beginning everything was not so good. Facebook consistently lagged behind Google Ads. We were on the verge of abandoning this advertising channel. A PPC specialist who led this project tried with all his might to get Facebook out of this situation by testing creatives, optimizing campaigns, groups and placements.

Our friendly team came to give a hand! We brainstormed and collected ideas. Given the business specificity, the strategy of narrowing the audience reached the final. This step was quite risky, since Facebook recommended not to narrow the target groups too much and let the system's algorithms find the audience themselves.

Based on the additional statistics we requested from the client + ours we’ve studied those visitors who performed targeted actions on the site more deeply, i.e., converted and “painted” a more accurate portrait of the target user. Then, we created segmented advertising campaigns with narrowly tuned targeting, strictly (!) adhering to the user's portrait. We launched campaigns and as a result, within a month the number of conversions increased significantly and the cost of conversion reduced by ... 60%!



Conclusion: there are no “silver bults” in marketing and advertising, everything is decided by testing - we assume, try and evaluate the result.

It's always good to take a critical look at your advertising strategy and try to find alternatives. In our case, the strategy did work out: ads on Facebook began to bring results on a par with other advertising channels and we did not have to abandon it.

Hooray! B2B advertising on Facebook has a right to live.

We wish you stable conversions at a favourable price! :)


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